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  abdominal mops  

We manufacture Premium quality of the Abdominal Mop / Lap Sponges used mainly in surgeries and transplant. Its use is because of following features :

Made up of 100% high quality gauze cloth.

The cotton gauze used is uniformly bleached white by means of beam dyeing.

Sterilized dry gamma radiation kills all harmful bacteria.

Free of any foreign particles or contamination.

Lap sponges are made of pure cotton chlorine free bleached hydrophilic gauge.

An X-ray thread incorporated into the lap sponge decreases the risk during the surgery.

An X-ray thread used is 60% barium sulphate & multifilament yarn which will be easier to detect in x-ray films.

Each lap sponge features a medicated cotton loop for easy location & retrieval during the surgery that provides an additional safety of use.

Lap sponge are assigned for straining large amount of systemic fluids from OP field.


Size :

25 cm X 25 cm, 8 ply

25 cm X 40 cm, 8 ply


Packaging Pattern:-

5 pieces = 1 pkt.